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Andar Steel Home

Highest Value

Another reason for our success is our value-added work of pre-cutting, drilling, and piece marking each of the steel framing components for easy construction. This work is performed at our fabrication facilities, and is delivered to you ready to piece together.

With our value-added work, high quality, and attention to detail, the steel framing system will go-up much like a giant erector set with the framing components being bolted and screwed together quickly, easily, and with a minimum of scrap.

Andar Steel vs. Wood

Adaptability & Superior Design

Andar Steel homes can be built on various foundations and can be finished with any material available: brick, stucco, vinyl, etc. on the outside; and drywall, wood panel, etc. on the interior. The completed home is indistinguishable from a wood framed home.

Equally important is the design of the steel framing, which provides thick exterior walls that allows 9" of batt type fiberglass insulation rated at R30. This additional insulation will save 40% or 60% in heating & cooling costs compared to standard wood framing of exterior walls using 2"x 6" studs (6" of insulation - R19) or 2" x 4" studs (4" of insulation - R13), respectively.

In addition, the added insulation acts as a barrier to outside noises emanating from cars, trucks, planes, storms, etc. This feature of reducing outside noises makes the home much more comfortable.

Why Andar Steel is a Superior Material

Steel Frame Home

Simpler Construction

We provide a construction manual with each home package. This manual is easy to follow and consists of a complete set of instructions with associated pictures on how to erect each component of the steel framing system. Note that the piece marking (refer to value-added work above), which identifies each component, is an essential element of these instructions.

You as a homeowner or builder will appreciate the quality and precision of the finest steel framing systems available in the market.

Andar Steel looks after the best interest of the builder and "do-it-yourselfer". We are very customer oriented, highly motivated, and committed. Our goal is excellence in service and buyer satisfaction!

View A Sample of Our Many Standard Model Designs

Home Framing

Construction Method

Andar Steel homes are designed as an easy bolt together system-using load bearing steel frames on 8 feet centers. We call these frames "Red Iron". The red iron frame is unique in that it spans the entire width of the home and consists of a column at either side of the house with roof rafters that are bolted together and to each of the side columns.

All of the frames are assembled on the ground and erected: up-righted, bolted to the foundation & connected to each other via the lateral ties at the top of each column and at the top of each roof rafter. Because the red iron frames are on 8 feet centers, the field erection time is very low. As an example, a home that is 80 feet long has 9 frames, which can be set in place in less than a day (approximately 6 hours) utilizing a small crane (cherry picker) or a sign truck.

Component Details of a Typical Home Package

Construction Method

After the red iron is erected:

1.) galvanized roof purlins on 2 feet centers are screwed to the top of the roof rafters.

2.) 8" wide galvanized steel studs on 2 feet centers are screwed to the floor & ceiling tracks for framing all of the exterior walls and to frame all of the exterior openings for the doors and windows.

To complete the steel framing system, exterior wood sheathing (1/2" structural plywood or equal) is screwed to the framing members of the walls and roof. The wood sheathing forms the exterior shell of the home, which is now ready for conventional roof shingles and siding. Note that the finished steel framed home looks identical to a finished wood framed home.

The exterior wood sheathing also becomes the primary thermal break between the outside temperature and the steel framing system. The secondary thermal break is a thin strip (2" wide) of self-adhering Styrofoam that is placed in-between sheathing & the stud.

The sheet rock (dry wall) attached to the steel wall studs that forms the surface of the interior walls is an additional thermal break. In other words, there is no transference of the outside temperature (hot or cold) through the steel stud into the home.

Visit Our Sample Home

On-Site & On-Time

Andar Steel schedules the fabrication and shipment of your home according to your needs. Shipping the steel framing components in package form saves you money because we have prefabricated the structural components to strict tolerances by cutting, drilling, and marking them for easy and accurate on-site assembly.

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Turn-Key Construction Available

Andar Steel's parent company and General Contractor (GC), Tri-Steel Custom Homes (TSCH) will provide a high quality, energy efficient, steel frame turn-key home with a 10 year warranty. Andar Steel, the Supplier of the steel framing package, (which includes engineering, shop fabrication, and construction drawings) is a subsidiary of TSCH, the GC or Builder.

TSCH has received kudos for building the Sample Home, which proves the high quality of its workmanship.

Our motto is: "We take pride in all that we do for the home owner."

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