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Steel Roof

Why build with steel?

Residential steel framing members are cost effective, energy efficient, light in weight, easy to handle, and manufactured under strict quality control guidelines. Steel framing is termite proof, resistant to hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, lightening and virtually non-combustible. Steel is also highly recyclable and contributes much less scrap and waste during construction.

Will my house look different?

Although many of our designs are unique, one cannot tell by looking at the home whether it is framed with wood or steel. Our models appear completely conventional. You have your choice of signature design or the traditional look.

What about lightning?

The steel frame offers the occupants better protection than any other construction system. Scientists recommend seeking shelter in steel frame structures during lightning storms, because the steel frame provides a direct path to the ground reducing the likelihood of explosions, secondary fires, and personal injury.

Will the steel frame interfere with radio, TV, or phone connections?

No, waves pass through the space between studs allowing the use of all of the radios, phones, and television sets in your home, just like most hotels you stay in.

Will my home rust?

No, all of the steel framing is enclosed and protected from the elements of oxidation (water & air movement). In the case of unplanned exposure to water & air, the light gauge steel framing is galvanized and the heavy gauge red iron is coated with red oxide paint. These coatings provide additional protection against rust.

Can my house be built to resist earthquakes and hurricanes?

Yes, positive connections and the strength of steel provide greater protection against earthquakes and hurricanes. Steel's high strength and flexibility make it the best construction material for earthquake resistant design.

Will steel framing adversely affect my home's indoor air quality?

No, in fact, steel framing will improve the quality of indoor air. The Healthy House Institute recommends steel framing for chemically sensitive and environmentally conscious homeowners who seek good air quality. Steel frames do not need to be treated for termites, are free of resin adhesives and chemicals normally present in other construction materials.

How do I hang pictures on walls framed in steel?

As in a traditional home, depending on the weight of the picture, you may hang it from the drywall with toggle bolts or hangers. Heavier objects can be hung from screws attached directly into the studs, which can be easily found with a magnetic stud-finder.

What are the environmental aspects of steel over wood?

There are several issues related to the environmental impact of steel frame construction over wood: construction waste, recycling, and deforestation. A wood builder can expect to generate between 2 to 7 tons of waste during the construction of a new single-family detached house. Scrap metal from a pre-engineered framing system is minimal. The steel industry leads all American industries in recycling; two-thirds of the steel produced in the United States is recycled, and all new steel contains recycled steel. Using steel helps to ease our country's landfill crisis because steel can be recycled indefinitely. Over 90% of all old growth forests have already been harvested for decades, the timber industry driven by the nation's voracious housing needs, leveled private and public land for timber with little regard for long term consequences. A recent study commissioned by EarthKind and conducted by Baylor University determined that steel framing should be recognized as a "green" building material based on economic and environmental criteria.

Can I build on a slab, piers, pilings, or a basement?

Yes! Our homes can be built on a slab, on piers, over a basement or on pilings. Because of local soil conditions and building codes, your local engineer would determine the foundation design; however, we would furnish the data necessary for this determination to be made. We can also provide engineered steel first floor systems over basements and pier and beam foundations.

Can I sell my steel framed home for more?

Yes, your home will have additional selling features with steel's superior strength, energy efficiency and flexibility of design. The thick exterior wall feature, alone, will save money in heating & cooling the home and will insulate the home's interior from outside noises. It should sell more easily.

Will I pay higher insurance premiums?

No. As a matter of fact, with steel's excellent performance record in earthquakes & storms and because it is non-combustible and not affected by termites, home insurance costs less.

Can I build my own home and is assistance available?

Yes. Our home designs have pre-engineered framing systems that arrive at the job site with each structural component cut to length and clearly marked and ready for assembly. We provide a complete set of blueprints and detailed assembly instructions which show how each wall, opening, and truss is constructed. The steel framing goes up like a giant erector set with its components being bolted and screwed together quickly, easily and with a minimum of scrap. Andar Steel can provide you with construction assistance (on-site supervision), on a daily or weekly basis.

What about building restrictions in my area?

Some areas may have certain restrictions such as masonry exteriors. Our designs are extremely flexible and can accommodate any requirement. We will be glad to assist you in obtaining zoning and building approvals. The concept is not new and has been proven and established. With our professional assistance and when properly explained to approval institutions, you should never have a problem.

How much flexibility do I have in choosing a home?

Infinite! A virtually unlimited variety of home sizes are offered from 800 square feet on up. Our homes come in one or two level designs. We have over 165 models and plans available for immediate mailing and we can draw custom designs to meet almost any shape, floor plan or size requirements.

Can you customize or modify a floor plan for me?

Yes, we can assist you in designing your custom home. There is a reasonable charge for the design service which includes five complete sets of drawings and blueprints; however, over 95 standard plans are available. Our custom design capabilities extend to special projects for professional office suites, condominiums, apartments, developments, other developer/investor projects and are handled on an individual basis.

What's my next step to get a beautiful Andar Steel Home?

Contact Andar Steel to order the new floor plan catalog with a wide variety of standard home plans and illustrations to choose from. Once you've decided on a home plan, Andar Steel can show you how easy the whole process can be. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying your beautiful new home.

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