Andar Steel - Standard Home Models

Andar Steel offers a virtually unlimited variety of home styles from 800 square feet on up. Our homes come in one or two level designs. We have over 165 models and plans available for immediate mailing and we can draw custom designs to meet almost any shape, floor plan or size requirements.

View over 50 standard models online by size:

1000-2000 sq ft
2000-2500 sq ft
2500-3000 sq ft
3000-3500 sq ft
3500-6000 sq ft

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A Typical Home Package Includes All The Following Components:

Standard Home Package Components

Component Details:

1. Heavy Gauge Bolt-Together Steel Columns and Rafters (Red Iron)

2. Galvanized Metal Roof Purlins

3. 8" Galvanized Steel Stud System for Exterior Walls

4. Galvanized Metal Framing Components for All Dormers, Roof and Porch Saddles

5. Galvanized Metal sub Fascia Material for Roof Overhangs

6. 3-5/8" Galvanized Metal Studs and Track for All Interior Walls

7. Galvanized Metal Furring for All Ceiling Surfaces

8. 8" Galvanized Metal Second Floor Joists for All Two Story Areas (not shown)

9. All Fasteners:

  a. ¾" Diameter High Strength Bolts/Nuts for Structural Columns and Rafters

  b.Self Tapping Screws for Galvanized: Metal Studs, Furring, Floor Joists, Purlins and Sub Fascia

10. Complete Set of Working Drawings Including Anchor Bolt Layout and Erection Instructions

Flat Ceilings are standard except for models shown with vaults. Optional custom ceiling treatments are available for any model home.

8' Ceiling heights are standard (Optional 9' or 10' are available)

* Note that no drilling is required when erecting the steel because we provide the holes in the Red Iron for the bolted connections and because the tip of each screw is a drill bit for the screwed connections.

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