The Andar Steel Advantage

Virtually all of the objections to utilizing steel frames at the residential level have been overcome. Costs, material quality, safety, environmental considerations, engineering development and the perception of home buyers have all shifted in favor of steel. View our comparison of Andar Steel versus traditional wood framing, and read about the hard facts that exist in today's marketplace that make steel the superior building material.

Andar Steel VS. Wood


Andar Steel



Affordable Cost


Wide Range of Styles


High Energy Savings


Consistant Quality


Clear Span Construction


Minimal Aging & Matinence


Minimal Build Time


Termite Proof


Fire Resistant


Hurricane & Tornado Resistant


Earthquake Resistant


Lightening Resistant


Minimal Scrap & Waste


Andar Steel - A Superior Building Material


The rising cost of lumber and the steady price of steel have set the stage. Now, based on current steel and lumber prices, steel framed home construction cost is comparable and often less than wood framed homes. The steel industry invested over $15 million to modernize steel mills during the past ten years and is well positioned to meet increased demand with high quality, cost competitive material.

Heat Transfer R-30 Insulation

Andar Steel homes can be built on various foundations and can be finished with any material available: brick, stucco, vinyl, etc. on the outside; and drywall, wood panel, etc. on the interior. The completed home is indistinguishable from a wood framed home.

Andar steel frame homes are 40% to 60% more energy efficient than most wood frame homes. The depth of the steel exterior wall studs provide a wider space for insulation, enough room for 9" (R-30) insulation factor. Most wood frame homes use much thinner 2"x6" or 2"x4" outer wall studs (R-19 or R-11, respectively). Besides significantly lowering the energy bills, the extra insulation will block outside noises making the home much quieter and comfortable.

Due to the superior quality construction, you can also expect to save up to 40% on insurance premiums when building with steel.

Superior Quality Construction

Steel possesses the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material being utilized today. It remains one of the strongest, most durable and economically manufactured materials. Steel framing uses screws and fasteners instead of nails and will not sag over time like wood frame homes. No wonder that 80% of all commercial buildings are constructed with steel as the primary structural component.

Steel is consistant in quality, produced in strict accordance with national standards-no regional variations and inconsistencies. Steel is 60% of the weight of wood framing making it easier to handle. Steel is also inorganic and will never rot, warp, crack or creep. Square corners stay squared; windows and doors open & close as they should. In addition, steel is termite proof. About 2 million homes are treated annually for termites, with an estimated $750 million in damages per year. This means less time and money will be wasted in repairs and renovations when compared with traditional wood homes.

Clear Span Construction

Andar Steel has the flexibility of Clear Span Construction. With Andar's unique pre-engineered residential systems, sturdy steel columns carry the full load of the roof and additional stories to all outside walls. To the builder this means that interior walls can be creatively placed in any configuration without load bearing considerations. A much larger variety of floor plans can therefore be made available to the buyer with the same basic pre-engineered plan. Additionally, the trend towards larger, more spacious rooms favors clear span construction.

Stronger, straighter, non-combustible, longer lasting and many other characteristics contribute to the undeniable superiority of steel as a building material. With the dramatic current price advantage, there's no choice in residential framing...but steel!

Safety & Environmental Consideration

Clear Span Construction

Andar Steel is highly fire resistant and will not contribute fuel to the spread of a fire. Structural members and framing in wood construction are the third most commonly first ignited material in U.S. home fires. Fires started in wood framing materials annually account for around 350 deaths, 850 injuries, and $649 million in property damage.

Steel is resistant to the effects of severe hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes. Andar Steel Frame Homes can be designed to withstand up to 155mph winds. They are also less likely to be damaged by lightening strikes when compared to traditional wood homes due to superior grounding characteristics.

The steel industry consumes twice the amount of recycled material as all other industries combined: double that of paper, non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, etc.), glass and plastics combined! There is also much less scrap and waste when building an Andar Home; 2% in steel versus 20% in wood construction.

Andar Steel - The Buyer's Choice

According to a poll featured in USA Today, the deciding factors in purchasing a home were as follows:

Construction Quality: 47%
Aesthetics / Design 24%
Both Equally 11%
Other / Don't Know 18%

Most home buyers are typically more interested in the features and benefits of their home as a better value. This is where steel frame homes shine even brighter. The features and benefits to the home buyer are numerous; and in today's market the builder that can sell more features, build in more benefits, and be price competitive will have the edge. Andar Steel Frame Homes do all this and more, so contact us today and together we can plan your dream home.

The Choice is Yours!

Custom Home Design
Image: Idea go

Now that you see the many advantages of pre-engineered steel frame homes, it's time to look at how you can make your dream home a reality. Andar Steel will work with you in any way necessary to achieve the right home for the right price

Keep in mind while you are choosing a steel framed home you are not restricted in any way. In fact, your choices of design and floor plans can be even greater than traditional wood framed homes.

Make it a cottage at the lake, a secure home for your family or the mansion of your dreams.

The choice is yours! Contact Us today for more information on how to get started

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